(R.I.C.H. CORP.)

RICH ISLAND COFFEE HAWAII is the wholesale distributor for three major coffee companies:

  1. Hawaii Coffee Company - Hawaii’s leading supplier of the famous Royal Kona & Lions’ coffee blends and Hawaiian Islands Tropical Teas.
  2. Aroma Café Culture, famous for its Italy coffee and LavAzza and specializes in exotic espresso blends. (Italy is #1 Italy and all over the world).

    Royal Island Coffee Hawaii (R.I.C.H.) Corp. services the island’s hotels, restaurants, retail stores, businesses and establishments to include the Federal offices, Airlines, Major Hotels on all Hawaiian islands, Military bases, major Shopping Center retail stores, businesses, establishments and gas stations.

LIONS COFFEE has reigned “King of Coffees” since 1864.The finest beans and its fancy roasting make it Hawaii’s favorite gourmet coffee where tourists visit the famous Lions store on a daily basis.

ROYAL KONA is the "Coffee for Royalty". Royal Kona comes direct from Kona farmers and is processed at the Visitor Center located in Captain Cook on the Big Island of Hawaii. There are other so called "Kona" blends on the islands, but none can surpass the original coffee of royalty.

HAWAIIAN ISLES TEA are select black, green, & herbal premium tea leaves recognized worldwide for more than a 100 years. They are infused with tropical flavors of Mango, Passion Fruit, Guava, Macadamia Nut, Coconut, Hibiscus Blossoms, Honey, Lemon and Ginseng.

Our Oceania Exotic tea line consists of 7 different varieties of specialty tea which was developed from a receipt that the founders created in 1985. These teas are equally refreshing serviced hot or iced. We blend the highest quality teas from three regions of China with locally grown botanicals. Oceania Exotic Teas are infused with exotic fruit essences to produce a unique, wonderfully refreshing drink. In addition, we also carry CHAI, TOURACO and SENCHA natural organic specialty teas.

Good coffee & tea require more than just great beans. For that reason Royal Island Coffee Hawaii provides you more. We will provide you with the latest coffee brewing equipment as well as specialized service and support. Our beans are backed up by 24-hour service 365 days per year!

Our mission has been to include a helping hand and a happy face with every bean and tea leaf we sell. The very core of our sales and service program is teamwork. This involves a cooperative effort and personal affiliation with our customers. Our employees offer old-fashioned friendly service with a smile, just as our unique cartoon bean character logo represent. You will be treated with valued commitment, as our people flourish with integrity, pride, & loyalty. We realize that it takes more than just good beans & tea to grow and flourish with today's sophisticated customer.


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