Great Coffee Begins with Good Water.

As water makes up 98% of any coffee beverage, using good water is a critical part of brewing delicious coffee. Regular tap water contains dissolved minerals and organic compounds as well as tastes and odors that contribute to your coffee’s taste. Too much inorganic material can degrade the taste of your coffee no matter how flavorful the beans are or how great your brewing equipment works.

While slightly hard water makes the best coffee, water treatment greatly improves your coffee’s flavor by removing unwanted chemicals, such as chlorine. Tap water (hard or soft) ran through an activated carbon or charcoal filter that simply attaches to your brewing equipment’s water delivery system can eliminate these unwanted taints.

BUNN offers a full line of EasyClear ™ water treatment filters calibrated for optimum water conditioning. These filters simply attach to the water delivery system entering your coffee brewing equipment.

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