Match the Right Grind
to Your Brewing Time


No matter what coffee beans you use, the right grind for brewing great coffee depends on the brewing cycle of your coffee equipment. If you don’t know your equipment’s brewing cycle, take a watch and time how long it takes for the water to pass through the coffee grounds and fill the decanter. Once you know your brewing cycle, match this with the correct grind of coffee bean in the chart.

Let’s say you use a coarse grind of coffee in a filter-drip brewer with a short (2-4 minute) brewing cycle. With a coarse grind’s larger particle size, the resulting brew will be weak and tasteless because very little of the coffee’s true flavor has been extracted by the brew water. On the other hand, using a fine grind in a coffee brewer with a longer (4-6 minute) brewing cycle can result in bitter tasting coffee.

To serve a great cup of coffee every time, know your brewing cycle time, then match it with the right grind.



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