The Right Equipment
For Quality Filtration
& Extraction

With so many sizes, shapes, and models available, the right coffee brewing equipment for your operation is an individual choice. Whatever equipment you do use must have the capability of delivering all of your chosen coffee’s flavor created by the bean roasting process. There are four criteria all quality coffee brewing equipment must meet:

• 1 Water Temperature - A coffee brewer must deliver a steady supply of hot water and maintain a brewing temperature from 195°–205°F. During the brewing cycle, you may use a thermometer to check the water temperature as it leaves the spray head.

• 2 Water Delivery - The brewing equipment must be capable of wetting the entire bed of coffee grounds thoroughly and evenly in the first stages of the brewing process. Carefully check to see that spray head hasn’t clogged and is spraying evenly.

• 3 Brewing Time - The coffee brewer must provide a consistent brewing time for the type of grind used. Use a stopwatch to time the brewing cycle from the first entry of water into the basket until the decanter is full.

4 Brew Basket and Filter - Both the brew basket size and shape, and the paper coffee filter, must work together to achieve the required balance between strength and extraction in your coffee. Available for all models, BUNN coffee filters, the original cup-fluted filters, are factory tested for quality, porosity, flow rate, and structure.

Time Quality
1 to 10 Minutes BEST
10 to 20 Minutes GOOD
20 to 30 Minutes SATISFACTORY
Over 30 Minutes QUESTIONABLE


The CBC Coffee Workshop Manual ©1974 recommends holding coffee between 185°-190°.
The SCAA Coffee Brewing Handbook ©1996 recommends holding coffee between 175°-185°.

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