Hawaiian Kona



The Royal Island Coffee Company Team


If you require coffee for your hospitality business, we encourage you to give us a call. We have provided 5-star products, services and equipment to leading resorts, spas, restaurants, coffee houses and OCS companies for 15 years.

We can provide you with:
• Wholesale pricing and volume discounts.
• Over one hundred and fifty varietal, estate, flavored, organic and decaffeinated coffees.
• Our own proprietary line of flavored teas, as well as Harney, Celestial, Bigelow, tropical, black, green, and herbal flavored teas, as well as Chai, Touraco, and Sencha natural teas.
• Lavazza espresso from Italy.
• Espresso equipment, coffee brewers and grinders, serving equipment and its accessories.
• Syrups, freezes, Chai, blends, and chocolate drinks.
• We have SCAA certified Gold Cup technicians on staff to answer any questions or give you an analysis of your "in the cup" coffee quality.


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